SECRETS: Don’t tell Phil

“Her voice sounded different, not a bit cheerful. What could have happened? Had this guy done something to her? It might be better not to let her know about his nocturnal research. The only problem was that now he knew stuff about her that she was not aware he knew. And he actually did not like secrets.”

One evening, Philipp, a game designer moonlighting for a translation agency, meets Eva, a hot art student from Poland with some dark secrets. One of these is her lucrative work as an escort in the German capital. Her wild and lustful relationship with Phil, or rather what she considers to be her relationship with him, is characterized by the commitment phobia so typical of many big-city dwellers. Things get even crazier when the Frenchwoman Louise, assigned to work on a research project at the Charité Hospital, moves into Philipp’s shared apartment seemingly by coincidence. And not just because she, too, is full of secrets of her own.

Author Marc B. Rey knows how to draw his readers into this tension-filled, dramatic lovers’ triangle subsumed with big-city commitment phobia. He offers them a glimpse into the complexities of today’s relationships, which can be so riddled with commitment anxiety.

Secrets: Don't tell Phil

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It was published previously as “Secrets – Eva, Phil & Lou”.